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Pure Boredom Media, is the media division of the Syphernet Group.


Originally a YouTube channel with no real direction, Pure Boredom span off into its own company in 2019 to encompass all the media projects and YouTube channels that Syphernet Group run under one name.


Pure Boredom Media plans to become an all encompassing Media Company, with Video, Podcasts, Music and Video Games all supported by Pure Boredom Media.

Who are We?

Pure Boredom Media is a One Man Band [currently], owned and operated by
Anthony "DancingBeaver" Jackson.

Founded as Pure Boredom in 2008 as a name for random Machinima videos.

In 2019, the channel was split from its original home of Syphernet Group to form Pure Boredom Media, as a way to consolidate all of the Media projects Syphernet Group would love to have in the future.

Anthony "DancingBeaver" Jackson

I like to make videos, although you might not think so with my release schedule.

I work better when I work with other people, someone to bounce ideas and jokes off.


But I'm full of ideas.

The Team

From YouTube channels, to Live Streams, all the way to Music and Video Games in the future, below is the list of the operations Pure Boredom Media, owns, operates or partners with.

Pure Boredom

The site that started it all - The official Pure Boredom YouTube Channel.


Not really active, wants to be active, but unable to get there, yet.


Planned Project: DancingBeaver: Live

DancingBeaver goes Live, or tries to.


Eventually, maybe, possibly.


Planned Project: DancingBeaver: Archive

Archive of Live Streams, that could happen, one day.


Our Channels

Since Pure Boredom Media has just started, and, due to reasons, not very active in looking, for, reasons, we have no Partners yet.

But, if you have an idea for us, or would like to Partner with Pure Boredom Media, contact us using the form below.


We are always open to working with people in the creative industries.

If you would like to work with us, fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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